I am a defrocked mathematician, working as a statistician and hacker in San Francisco. I was always a math kid: my mom was a math teacher, and my older brother taught me everything he learned. I remember one day, at a summer 'camp' when I was 5 or 6, trying to compute 10 factorial in my head, then asking the camp counselor if I had the right answer. Somehow, however, it took a while to end up in a math program: I studied ceramics and glass science, chemistry, and Japanese as an undergrad. Since then, I have worked in mesh generation, non-invasive biological monitoring, quantitative finance, and film analytics. These days I am working for a large US bank in risk modelling. I should point out that the opinions expressed on this site are entirely my own, and certainly not representative of my employer.

I am also really great at advertising myself: my resume is almost three pages long; my research has reached tens of people worldwide, and my code is (probably) used every month.