Predicting Best Picture Winners.

Thu 26 January 2017 by Steven E. Pav

In a previous blog post, I described some data I had put together for predicting winners in the Best Picture category of the Oscars. Here I will use a Bradley-Terry model to describe this dataset.

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Best Picture?

Sun 22 January 2017 by Steven E. Pav

For a brief time I found myself working in the field of film analytics. One of our mad scientist type projects at the time was trying to predict which films might win an award. As a training exercise, we decided to analyze the Oscars.

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Do You Want Ballot Stuffing With Your Turkey?

Wed 07 December 2016 by Steven E. Pav

Rather than fade into ignominy as a lesser Ralph Nader, Jill Stein has managed to twist the knife in the still-bleeding Left, fleecing a couple of million from some disoriented voters for a recount of the election in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. While a recount seems like a less likely path to victory for Clinton than, say, a revolt of the Electoral College, or the Donald pulling an Andy Kaufman, perhaps it should be undertaken if there is any evidence of fraud. Recall that prior to the election (and since!) we were warned of the possibility of 'massive voter fraud'. I am not familiar with the legal argument for a recount, but was curious if there is a statistical argument for one. I pursue a simple analysis here.

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Forty K

Fri 29 July 2016 by Steven

A milestone

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